Easy Peasy Safety Reflective

These self adhering, Reflecting Safety Strips and Badges are made from the same reflective material found on police cars. They can be used on ANYTHING! Just Peel, Stick & Wear!

Easy Peasy Safety Strips and Badges will stick to bicycles, helmets, jackets, water bottles, shoes, pouches, dog leashes, bridle straps, lifejackets, snowboards, skies, ski poles, gloves, umbrellas…anything!

They are perfect for any activity where you want to be visible and safe! Ideal for skiers, snowboarders, boaters, mountain bikers, cyclists, horse back riders, skateboarders, hikers, walkers, pet owners etc.

Please note the following warning about placing stickers on helmets.

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To our knowledge, after six years in production, our adhesive has never caused degradation to the surface of helmets but we want you to be informed.