Did You Know?

”Chances of being struck and killed as a pedestrian increase 1100% after dark”

(National Safety Council)

“Poor visibility of pedestrians is a major contributing cause of higher nighttime accident rates” ( U.S. Public Health Service)

71 % of fatal adult pedestrian crashes occurred at dusk or dawn or in areas where visibility of the person was restricted. (AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety)

“In a survey of safety specialists, reflectorization countermeasures were identified as having the highest overall rating as a means for reducing school children accidents during darkness” (U.S. Department of Transportation.)

Wearing white is not enough

Studies have proven that wearing bright colours makes you more visible to the motorists only by daylight and in the dark all the other colours than white are visible for the motorists at most at 40 meters, but even being visible at 55 meters by wearing white clothes is not safe enough when a car is travelling with a speed of 80 km/h or faster.

  • A person dressed completely in black wearing a thumb sized reflector is detected at longer distances than a person dressed completely in white
  • (Federal Highway Administration, USA)

The American Cornell University Cooperative Extension Program has published an alarming report on “Action Wear: Clothing for Fitness”. Their report states that pedestrians walking along a road wearing dark clothing at night are first seen approximately 17 meters away, giving a driver less than one second reaction time and no chance to act!

Cornell University confirm a reflectorized pedestrian was first seen from a safe distance of 152 meters or even from further.