About Dr. Teresa Pun:

I was born in Hong Kong but my family immigrated to Canada when I was still a baby. I chose medicine because I wanted to help people on a very personal level. After medical school in Toronto, I went on to specialize in internal medicine and allergy and clinical immunology. I chose allergy and clinical immunology because it’s a fascinating field that encompasses a wide spectrum of disease. In a typical day, I see babies with eczema, toddlers with food allergies, young adults with chronic hives and older adults with penicillin allergies.

It’s been 3 years since I completed my training and I now have 2 kids of my own. River is 3 and a half and Summer is almost 2. Even though they are presently allergy-free (they even eat scallops), having kids helped me to understand, a bit more, how parents of allergic kids must feel. My toddlers run amok every chance they get. They eat and share voraciously amongst their peers. They openly feed each other, everything from grapes to crackers to the odd non-foodstuff every now and then. If my kids had a food allergy and something happened, I would want every passing by adult to know.

Around this time, a friend alerted me to Easy Peasy Patches because I noted how my kids wear through the knees of their pants. Scrolling through the amazing selection of iron-free, sew-free patches, I realized that this would be a simple, cheap and effective way to label a backpack or a jacket with a kid’s specific allergy. I also loved that it was Canadian and 100% locally designed and MADE. I sent off a quick email to Andrea and a few months later, here we are, announcing the new allergy line of Easy Peasy patches. Keeping kids safe 1 patch at a time.

Dr. Pun is registered with OTNhub for econsults from physicians and video conferencing with physicians and referred patients and can reached anytime on Twitter: @DoctorAndGreen.