The Story of Easy Peasy Patches

Easy Peasy Patches were created to solve the ‘parent problem’ of children wearing out the knees of their jeans before outgrowing them.  The inspiration for creating Easy Peasy Patches came from my three young children who continually ripped open the knees of their pants. I wanted an easy way to mend their clothing. I also wanted something FUN my kids would WANT to wear.

Easy Peasy Patches were created through a lot of experimentation. It took many attempts to create a Patch that would survive seventy-five cycles of the washing machine and hold up to my children’s boisterous play. ‘Testing’ involved having the kids wear hockey pads under the patched pants while sliding up and down the driveway on their knees!

While Easy Peasy Patches were invented to mend the knee are of children’s clothing.  Customers quickly discovered that they are great for decorating anything!

How to Use Easy Peasy Patches
Just Peel, Stick and Wear!
For Best Results on Clothing:
  • Rub with firm pressure around the edge of the Easy Peasy Patch
  • On wearables, place the item in the dryer for ten minutes on medium heat before washing the first time.
  • After application, wait 24 hours before washing. This will ensure that the adhesive cures.
    • Wash clothing inside out in cold water*.
    • If mending a large hole, choose an Easy Peasy Patch larger than the hole. Loosely sew the hole together. If needed, place a scrap of material behind the hole to prevent the Easy Peasy Patch from sticking to skin.
    • *Some fabric softeners and detergents may interfere with adhesion. We suggest using Tide, Sunlight or Woolite.